Chuckanut Chaotic Canines

​Playing with our dogs and loving every minute.

To the NADAC Community:

Chuckanut Chaotic Canines has stopped offering trials near Bellingham, WA . 

We hope that fans of NADAC will find alternative trials to attend in the future. 

If the club begins to offer trials again, a notice will be posted on this website and that of Chuckanut Dog Training Association, Inc. ( 

Happy trialing everyone. 


May 11-13, 2018
at Fun Fur Paws, 22352 Stargate Pl, Mt Vernon, WA 98274


THANKS to all of you who came to the trial and played with your dogs. There were many memorable runs out there and many, many, smiles!

Without you there would be no trial.

Our thanks also go out to:

  • Judge - Marj Vincent for the fun and challenging courses.
  • Trial Chair, truck driver, and masterful helper wherever it was needed -   Aly Horry
  • Trial Secretary and general question answerer - Marian Snapp
  • Chief Course Builder - Amy Anderson and her crew for efficiently managing the course building
  • Chief Ring Stewards - Lizzy and Tyler whose job became much easier as the Competitors quickly filled the white board!
  • Hospitality Champion - Deb Bruner and her helpers - Rhonda for shopping, Heidi & Aly & Tyler and others who helped put out the food for the 3 days, and to those who brought yummy goodies to share.  
  • and of course, Our Hosts - Melissa and Dave Burton of Fun Fur Paws 


Questions may be directed to
Marian Snapp